Research & Intelligence Solutions

Empowering Business Success in Today’s Dynamic and Competitive Landscape

Qualitative Research

Smart Business Decisions

Tailored market intelligence and brand research solutions that leverage high-quality qualitative and quantitative methodologies and tools to provide valuable intelligence and support decision-making for success.

Solutions Designed for Success

Specialized solutions designed to help organizations gain a strategic advantage by uncovering insights into audience behaviors, identifying emerging trends, and outperforming competitors.

Market Intelligence


Insights for Strategic Decisions
Intelligence that delivers visibility into market trends, economic factors, and customer behaviors for gaining a competitive advantage and positioning organizations for success.

Marketing Strategy


Expertise in Targeted Marketing
Expertise in tailoring messaging, identifying target audiences, and optimizing channels for maximum impact, empowering businesses to make informed and effective marketing decisions.

Sector Consulting

Sector Driven Consulting

Niche Market Domination
Partnering with a team of industry experts who understand niche markets, enabling businesses to dominate and thrive in specialized industry segments.

Brand Research


Data-Driven Decision Empowerment
Uncovering valuable insights into audience perceptions, preferences, and market positioning, empowering businesses to make data-driven decisions and stay ahead of the competition.

Gain a Competitive Advantage

Success in rapidly evolving market sectors requires in-depth market expertise, precise audience targeting, and a dedicated team of researchers, analysts, and marketers. Learn more about the advantages of partnering with experts like us who live and breathe in sectors that are innovating, transforming, and growing. 

From Metrics to Meaning: Leveraging Conversations for Marketing Success

[WEBINAR] Learn the importance of pairing customer feedback with qualitative research to strike a balance for decision-making. Uncover techniques that will enhance customer experience, drive demand, and nurture strong relationships with target audiences.

Leveraging Events for Focus Groups

[CASE STUDY] Download the case study to find out how Endeavor Business Intelligence leveraged an industry event to conduct in-person focus groups, gaining access to diverse professionals with unique perspectives and strengthening the data validity.


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