Content Development

Develop informed and relevant content that resonates with decision makers.

Qualitative Research

Insight Driven Content

Research findings serve as the cornerstone for compelling and relevant content creation. Integrate them into the creative process and produce engaging and valuable content that informs, establishes thought leadership, and fosters meaningful connections.

Content Development Insights

Qualitative Research


Tailor content to specific needs and preferences to increase effectiveness.

Quantitative Survey<br />


Differentiate content and identify gaps in the market to be perceived as innovative.

Sector Consulting


Identify upcoming trends and leverage new interests to create relevant content.

Content Development Solutions

Explore the different ways we help to empower organizations with intelligence and insights for decision making.

State of the Market


Develop impactful content that delivers qualified leads.

With our robust database of subject matter experts, we’ll match the most qualified content contributor to your project to ensure a quality asset that engages your audience. Add a promotion package to capture leads with the simple integration of a gated registration form that can be applied to part of the final asset or the entire asset, depending on your preference.

Customer Benefits
  • Filters audience to most engaged and interested users as they must register to view the content
  • Provides the opportunity for up to two custom questions for registration and selection of desired registration fields
  • Leads reported via email on a regular basis (weekly or monthly, depending on market)
  • Promoted until lead goal is reached


Take your audience on an immersive visual journey that’s truly unforgettable.

Bring the written word to life through a StoryDesign, an engaging format that combines quality content with compelling imagery and interactive effects. Powerful as a standalone product or paired with a research program or other long-form asset, StoryDesigns easily convey highly technical information or statistical analysis. They also provide an exciting user experience allowing you to collect valuable data on user interactions.

Customer Benefits
  • Provides users with an optimized, dynamic experience across all devices
  • Establishes thought leadership and educates users on key topics
  • Encourages users to interact and learn more about the content that interests them
  • Extends the life of related assets, such as research, white papers, or webinars
  • Allows you to gain deeper insights into audience interest through metrics
State of the Market
State of the Market


Leverage the power of video through expertly designed webinars. 

No content marketing program is complete without video. Our webinar programs elevate your experts and build brand awareness and loyalty with our audiences. Use our popular Webchat option to feature your expert in an engaging, 30-minute 1:1 interview or feature multiple perspectives in a Virtual Roundtable. Connect a set of webinars on a broad shared topic into an impactful series.

Customer Benefits
  • Conveys your desire to partner with customers on solving industry challenges through the powerful medium of video
  • Educates professionals and encourages deep understanding of new applications, technologies, and services
  • Engages with audiences through a Q&A
  • Captures engagement metrics of time spent, poll answers, Q&A


A familiar, trusted solution is even more impactful with expert design.

As one of the most effective tools to establish subject matter expertise and thought leadership, white papers provide the opportunity to take a deep dive into your solutions to industry problems. We elevate this tried-and-true format with thoughtful design to break up large areas of text and showcase your images, charts and customer testimonials.

Customer Benefits
  • Positions your company as a thought leader and industry expert
  • Educates the audience on your approach to addressing industry problems
  • Helps the audience understand and evaluate your product or service
  • Subtly persuades decision-makers and influencers without a strong sales message
  • Enhances credibility through co-branding with associated EBM brand
State of the Market

Gain a Competitive Advantage

Success in rapidly evolving market sectors requires in-depth market expertise, precise audience targeting, and a dedicated team of researchers, analysts, and marketers. Learn more about the advantages of partnering with experts like us who live and breathe in sectors that are innovating, transforming, and growing. 

From Metrics to Meaning: Leveraging Conversations for Marketing Success

[WEBINAR] Learn the importance of pairing customer feedback with qualitative research to strike a balance for decision-making. Uncover techniques that will enhance customer experience, drive demand, and nurture strong relationships with target audiences.

Leveraging Events for Focus Groups

[CASE STUDY] Download the case study to find out how Endeavor Business Intelligence leveraged an industry event to conduct in-person focus groups, gaining access to diverse professionals with unique perspectives and strengthening the data validity.

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