Marketing Strategy

Impactful planning to reach target audiences and achieve goals.

Qualitative Research

Informed Marketing

Developing effective marketing strategies hinges on businesses tapping into research insights to guide their approach. By leveraging research findings, you can gain the knowledge needed to tailor messaging, identify target audiences, and optimize channels for maximum impact.

Marketing Strategy Insights

Qualitative Research


Minimize risk associated with new initiatives make informed decisions.

Quantitative Survey<br />


Understanding of customers and broader market environments.

Sector Consulting


Adapt quickly to change and maintain a lead over competitors.

Solutions for Informing Marketing Strategy 

Explore the different ways we help to empower organizations with intelligence and insights for decision making.


Make a strong impression that resonates with your target audience.

Crafting an ad that gets attention and delivers your message in a memorable way is a delicate combination of art and science. Our experienced research consultants use qualitative and quantitative methods to focus on the ad’s message clarity and ability to gain attention, create interest, and assess a logo’s or tagline’s memorability and effectiveness.

Customer Benefits
  • Utilizes focus groups, survey methodologies, or a combination of both to understand the market’s reaction and measure the ad’s effectiveness
  • Allows for the incorporation of visuals such as images, videos, logos, screenshots, and other graphic design elements into the survey
  • Helps refine messaging or test the effectiveness of logo design or tagline
  • Assures that ads are building interest among target audiences
State of the Market
State of the Market


Develop impactful content that delivers qualified leads.

With our robust database of subject matter experts, we’ll match the most qualified content contributor to your project to ensure a quality asset that engages your audience. Add a promotion package to capture leads with the simple integration of a gated registration form that can be applied to part of the final asset or the entire asset, depending on your preference.

Customer Benefits
  • Filters audience to most engaged and interested users as they must register to view the content
  • Provides the opportunity for up to two custom questions for registration and selection of desired registration fields
  • Leads reported via email on a regular basis (weekly or monthly, depending on market)
  • Promoted until lead goal is reached


Successfully launch a product with a two-phased research process.

Build an insurance policy against market failure by getting feedback regarding your product concept, its benefits, features, barriers, price point, and even the overall competitiveness of the market through New Product Development Research. Our research consultants use a combination of qualitative insights and quantitative measurements to help your new product succeed or save the investment on a product that will likely fail.

Customer Benefits
  • Provides detailed insights into the wants, unmet needs, product benefits, and the competitive environment through consultant-led, in-depth interviews (IDIs)
  • Utilizes an online survey of the target market after exploratory qualitative research, resulting in confident measurement and statistical reliability
  • Builds a deeper understanding of the market’s perception of your product in the concept or updating/revision stages
State of the Market

Gain a Competitive Advantage

Success in rapidly evolving market sectors requires in-depth market expertise, precise audience targeting, and a dedicated team of researchers, analysts, and marketers. Learn more about the advantages of partnering with experts like us who live and breathe in sectors that are innovating, transforming, and growing. 

From Metrics to Meaning: Leveraging Conversations for Marketing Success

[WEBINAR] Learn the importance of pairing customer feedback with qualitative research to strike a balance for decision-making. Uncover techniques that will enhance customer experience, drive demand, and nurture strong relationships with target audiences.

Leveraging Events for Focus Groups

[CASE STUDY] Download the case study to find out how Endeavor Business Intelligence leveraged an industry event to conduct in-person focus groups, gaining access to diverse professionals with unique perspectives and strengthening the data validity.

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