Assessing offshore wind’s growing pains

May 13, 2024 | Energy & Utilities, Infrastructure

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Offshore wind is going through growing pains in the United States these days. There has been progress to note, for sure, but — “thanks” to pandemic supply-chain disruption and inflation as well as the Federal Reserve’s interest-rate hikes — also several setbacks to digest.

A number of Endeavor brands have been covering the comings and goings of offshore for years. Here, from Offshore magazine and T&D World, are a handful of recent stories to catch you up. For a regular roundup of energy news from across Endeavor, you can subscribe to Market Moves Energy right here.

May 10 – Dominion Energy WTIV built, launched into water

May 9 – U.S. faces ‘learning curve’ with offshore wind, says Atlantic Shores exec

April 22 – Report: Three offshore wind projects cancelled off New York

May 2 – Government proposes offshore wind sales in Oregon, Gulf of Maine

April 25 – U.S. releases new 5-year offshore wind leasing schedule

April 10 – Offshore sector gathers second wind after several setbacks

April 1 – Vineyard Offshore submits proposal for 1,200 MW project In New England

March 15 – FERC OKs 810 MW offshore wind project to connect to New York City grid

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