Market Moves Electric Vehicles: Infrastructure, batteries and fleet conversion

Jun 11, 2024 | Automotive, Commercial Fleet, Manufacturing

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It’s been well-known and documented that the EV transition hasn’t been the easiest. Missed production projections, harsh regulations, and a slow infrastructure buildout have made it an expensive headache for some sectors and a seemingly insurmountable task for others, especially in trucking. That doesn’t mean they’re throwing in the towel, though. In this edition of Market Moves Electric Vehicles, it’s clear some are trying to make it work: From a recent expo highlighting upcoming EVs, to a truck maker’s circular approach to battery recycling. In some cases, as you’ll read, companies are turning to just-as-clean alternatives as they reconsider whether EVs are the most cost-effective net-zero strategy. Paving the path to a sustainable future won’t be free, but it will be well worth the cost.

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