Market Moves Strategy: Riding the regulatory waves

Jul 1, 2024 | Buildings & Construction, Energy & Utilities, Manufacturing

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It won’t be a surprise this summer and fall when laments about government regulation in its many forms surface on the campaign trail. But this nugget from Ruchir Sharma’s forthcoming book “What Went Wrong With Capitalism” might raise some eyebrows: Over the past 20 years, Sharma says, U.S. agencies have rolled out an average of 3,000 new regulations per year but withdrawn just 20. Not 20 annually—20 over the course of two decades. How’s that for bipartisan consensus.

Not surprisingly, the teams at Endeavor’s many titles spend a good bit of time reporting on and analyzing the latest regulatory ebbs and flows. Assembled in our latest Market Moves Strategy newsletter is a short list of recent stories that are creating big waves or have the potential to.

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