On building better teams and using your secret weapon

Jun 13, 2024 | Automotive, Buildings & Construction, Healthcare, Manufacturing

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Across all markets EBI tracks, questions about the hiring, training and retaining of employees with the right skills to succeed in the next decade are never far from the surface. So it is, too, with the news coverage from Endeavor Business Media’s dozens of brands, which is why it’s again time to bring together some of the best recent coverage of the topic. (Here’s our roundup from two months ago.)

Worth noting this time: In addition to competition that remains fierce, several outside forces — in the form of new regulations and cash-rich PE backing — aren’t making life any easier for leaders.

Healthcare InnovationThe arguments for and against noncompete agreements

FoundryDefense-focused program to boost manufacturing workforce

IndustryWeekTalent Advisory Board: Building better teams

ContractorInternal communications are your secret weapon to retaining employees

Plant ServicesWant to be a better industry leader? Improve your soft skills

Fender BenderRetaining talent in a private-equity era

IndustryWeekDoes U.S. manufacturing have a child labor problem?


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